Frequently Asked Questions about Shark Fin

Q: Will Shark Fin work in our mill?
A: Yes, but your graders must be willing to grade in lugs and the mill must be
 willing to move its lug loader to the grading table infeed or find a way to load 
the Shark Fin lugs (e.g. carry-over rolls or hurry-up chains)

Q: Can our graders avoid being injured by using Shark Fin?
A: Yes, Shark Fin turns the boards for the grader therefore avoiding all injuries.

Q: Will Shark Fin handle a random selection of products?
A: Yes, Shark Fin easily turns 1 x 4″ through 6 x 24s in random length, width and thickness.

Q: Can our graders “walk” with the board?
A: Yes and they can turn the board themselves as many times as they wish. The Shark Fin colour recognition system makes it easy for them to see their next board when they are done grading their last board.

Q: Is Shark Fin expandable in the future?
A: Yes, and Shark Fin can be altered in any way at any time.

Q: Will Shark Fin reduce noise in our mill?
A: Yes. Some mills report up to 15 Db reduction after a 
Shark Fin installation.

Q: Can we use crayons or electronic grade inputs?
A: Yes. Either system is acceptable.

Q: How many graders can work at the same time?
A: Any number of graders from 1 to 7.

Q: Can we run 3 graders today and then perhaps 2 or 1 tomorrow?
A: Yes, your system can be configured to run only the number you wish on any given day.

Q: Can the graders see all 4 sides of the board?
A: Yes. All 4 sides are clearly visible to your graders.

Q: Will Shark Fin damage our products?
A: On the contrary, Shark Fin protects your wood from grease and damage.

Q: How fast can we run the Shark Fin system?
A: 225 ppm. There is no restriction on speed.

Q: Is Shark Fin a non-conventional board turning system?
A: Yes, Shark Fin is a non-mechanical board turner and is impossible to jam.

Q: Can we accommodate specialty “runs”?
A: Yes. By modifying the star turner or by reverting to manual.

Q: Can we still do cut in two’s with Shark Fin?
A: Yes and you can leave your grade mark reader where it presently is.

Q: Is the Pop-Up system supplied with the Shark Fin 
A: No, but we supply a generic drawing of the pop-up system. We can also supply a diagram done to the 
customer’s specifications for $300. It is more cost effective for the customer to build the pop-up
 system on site than for us to build them and have 
them shipped to the customer.

Q: What do I do if the boards do not turn or stand on 
A: Raise the star in quarter-inch increments until the boards turn properly.

Q: Is cantanery sag a problem?
A: No, because if cantanery sag is an issue we use eared lugs that will run in a chain 
return built under the table. This eliminates almost all cantanery sag.

Q: What are the stars and lugs made of?
A: The stars and lugs are made of polyurethane, a plastic material that was
 engineered to stand up to the rugged conditions experienced in the worst

Q: Where can we see a Shark Fin system running near us?
A: Everywhere. Check our Mill Listing list or contact us for this