• Fast Payback – A 3 Grader Shark Fin System costs approximately $32,000. Let’s assume a mill produces 100,000 board feet per shift and lumber is selling at $300 per thousand. Working 2 shifts per day, 5 days per week, that’s 4 million board feet per month. If Shark Fin gives you even a 1% ‘upgrade,’ that would net $12,000 per month and pay for itself in 3 months (A 5% upgrade would net $60,000 per month)
  • Reduce Board Damage – Prevents marks from oil or grease by using double pulp safe polyurethane lugs and turners
  • Reduced Grader Injuries – Reduce your WCB premiums and bring injured graders back to work earlier. A Shark Fin System can pay for itself by reducing WCB premiums in just 3 months! (see testimonials). Contact your local WCB/OSHA office for details
  • Increase Production – Since the graders only have to focus on grading they can grade more boards in a shift, more accurately
  • Colour Identification – Different colours make



  • No Pain – Pains in your wrists, elbows, shoulders and back should lessen immediately
  • Ergonomically Correct – Shark Fin turns the board for you, allowing you to focus solely on grading the board. You can still touch or move the board if you need to re-grade the board
  • Sit, Stand, or Walk – Grade how you feel comfortable to accurately grade the board
  • Fewer Health Problems – Stay in your job longer and finish each shift with more energy to do the things that you wish to do
  • Your job is to grade lumber as accurately as possible. We hope Shark Fin makes this job easier for you!



  • No restriction on speed
  • No restriction on the width, thickness or length of boards
  • No restriction on lug spacing
  • No restriction on the distance between grader positions

No restriction imposed by this system on the graders